OUR MOTIVES (why we do what we do)


1. Worshiping Community – we are a worshiping community because God created us and desires for us to be in relationship with Him and others. (Isaiah 43:21)
2. Missional Community – we are a missional community because our world needs a demonstration of God’s forgiving and healing love in words and actions. (John 13:35)
3. Inclusive Community – we are an inclusive community because following Jesus demands we overcome barriers of gender, language, race, class, age, and culture. (John 12:32)
4. Generous Community – we are a generous community because of our gratitude for the giving nature of God. (2 Cor. 8:7)
5. Just Community – we are a just community because following Jesus involves confronting the world’s evils and restoring biblical truth (or justice). (Micah 6:8)

OUR METHOD (how we do what we do)


OUR MEASURES (when will we know we are successful?)


1. When we are ministering with “all people” and not just ministering to “all people”.

2. When our congregation is increasingly engaged in CROSS-training

3. When local community leaders seek our church for answers to community issues