The Buzibas' Story

(Told from point of view of Pastor Mark Hearn, from his book "Technicolor"):

 Glenda and I had met Robert and Pamela for the first time on Sunday morning even though they had been attending for about a month. I asked how they had first learned of First Baptist Church. Robert shared that they had been in the United States for about four years and had searched for a place of worship diligently the entire time. Their search had become so tedious that the two had decided to go to different churches on Sunday mornings and compare notes of their experiences upon returning home. A month earlier, Pamela had discovered FBCD. On her weekly report back to Robert she enthusiastically exclaimed; “you have to come there with me next week.” He proudly announced to me, “We have been at First Baptist Church Duluth every Sunday since.” I asked Robert the reason for their attraction to the church. He simply stated, “We sense God in this place.”